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“hypotheses come and go, but data remain
Santiago Ramón y Cajal, 1897

Why share your data?

Your journal requires it.

Many publishers — including PLOS, eLife, and Springer Nature — require authors to publish the data underlying papers in a suitable preservation repository.

Your funder requires it.

Agencies that fund research — including all US federal agencies — are beginning to require grantees to publish data from funded projects.

It’s the right thing to do.

By offering clear description of your data including methods and instructions for reuse, you are promoting efficiency, transparency, and reproducibility in the research community.

Why use our service?

Straightforward compliance. Submit your data to satisfy publisher and funder requirements for preservation and availability with a minimum of effort. Optionally link data to the article and funding organization.
Any field. Any format. Submit data in any file format from any field of research. Share all of the data from a project in one place.
Get discovered. Each landing page and dataset is optimized for search engines. Include any relevant geo-location information to take advantage of our built-in geospatial search.
Credit for your work. Get an informative landing page to facilitate re-use of your data and a citable DOI so you can get credit. Add your ORCID identifier and we will automatically send the information to your ORCID profile.

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