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Submission Basics

We have some general reminders and suggestions for publishing your data with Dash:

Dash has a REST API that allows for download and submission of data. Check out our documentation as well as our How-To Guide


Comprehensive data documentation (i.e. metadata) is the key to future understanding of data. Without a thorough description of the context of the data file, the context in which the data were collected, the measurements that were made, and the quality of the data, it is unlikely that the data can be easily discovered, understood, or effectively used. Metadata is important not only to help people understand and make proper use of a data resource, but metadata also makes the resource discoverable (for example through internet searches or data indexing services). Read more about metadata in the DataONE Primer on Data Management Best Practices (PDF).

A complete list of our default metadata fields is below. Additional metadata can be uploaded alongside the dataset (e.g., as a readme.txt file). Our default metadata entry form is based on fields from the metadata schema of the DOI issuing agency, DataCite.

Required Fields:

Optional Fields (the more you describe your dataset, the wider the reach):

Upload Methods

We have two different options for uploading your data. - Upload directly from your computer: by using drag and drop or the upload button. We allow for 10gb of data per DOI to be uploaded this way. - Upload from a server or the cloud: by entering the URL of the location where data are held on a server, or the sharing link for Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive. We allow for 100gb of data per DOI to be validated and uploaded this way.

Please note that you may only use one of these two upload methods per version, but you may do subsequent versions of your data publication and utilize different methods of upload this way.

Publication and Citation

Institution, Organization, and Publisher Resources